About Twist O Thread

Our goal is to resolve the problems associated with the age-old technique of thread pulling that puts the skin of the client and the health of the threader at a huge risk. Instead of using their mouth to hold a thread and then pull it for removing facial hair, threaders can use our device and give perfect shape to the eyebrows without exposing themselves to life-threatening viruses and germs that lurk all around us.
We’ve used the latest technology to create an adjustable band that can be placed on the neck. It is a safer and cleaner substitute to the traditional thread pulling that puts everyone’s health at risk.


Use Technology to Replace Unhygienic Beauty Methods

The entire process of threading is replete with unhygienic steps like using the same thread on multiple people’s skin, using mouth to hold a thread while pulling rows of facial hair. With our technologically advanced product, you can bid adieu to these unsafe and unhealthy beauty practices.

Simple Steps to Use The Product

The threader places the device like a necklace around the neck. They’ll pull the required length of the thread and then lock the device.
The strategically placed lock buttons will help the threader to hold the thread. He or she can apply the required pressure to pull the strands of hair from the eyebrows.
The threader can finish the task. Once done, the threader can use the lock button to secure the other role of thread.

Threading Redefined

Threading has been associated with us since ancient times. Due to the dynamic changes around us, almost every industry was able to revolutionise itself except the Brow industry. So, we thought of bringing something innovative to the table that could be used for the generations ahead.

Did you ever thought that you could get your brows shaped without worrying about the presence of infection on the thread? Here is the answer: TWIST O THREAD - a game changer in the Brow industry.

Coronavirus made us all realise the importance of hygiene and how things needed to be done with minimal human touch. After countless sleepless nights, we thought of doing something for the quintessential brow industry. With the assistance of our talented team, we came up with a product that doesn’t require human touch of the threader but instead is tied across his/her neck.